the brand

The brand was born in 2015 in France, launched in Uruguay in 2016 and it has been installed in São Paulo since 2017.
Originality and sophistication are essential and striking items in our collections.


Born in France, a fashion designer graduated at the Marangoni Institute in Milan and postgraduate at Chambre Syndicale de la Couture in Paris. With her experience in many different countries and cultures, Eugenie Zagame has created a remarkable identity in her details, modern and feminine with a touch of romanticism in her fluid cuts, presenting a free and sophisticated essence.

“I love the story that every detail brings with it. Its search process is a great adventure itself that leaves plenty of space for unforeseen and unimaginable surprises!”

Eugenie Zagame


La Joie de Vivre: Uma French Bossa Nova  que quebra padrões, trazendo:

Sensitivity (connection to the world, always attuned);

Originality (the beautiful, the new renewed, transcending the emotions);
Quality and Commitment (details of haute couture in unique and timeless products + clean production);
Timelessness (without modern fashion rules, the products are personal reminiscences of the designer).